Clocaenog Red Squirrels Trust

Protecting red squirrels in Clocaenog Forest
CRST was formed in 2018 to help protect the small population of red squirrels in Clocaenog Forest in North Wales
Bright red squirrel

Clocaenog Red Squirrels Trust

The red squirrel is one of the UK’s rarest mammals.

Clocaenog Red Squirrels Trust (CRST) aims to protect and conserve red squirrels in Clocaenog Forest, North Wales.
We aim to:

  • Work with key partner organisations and individuals to advance red squirrel conservation
  • Keep the forest free from grey squirrels to ensure the habitat is a place where the reds can flourish
  • Engage local people and the wider community about the benefits of nature and heritage conservation. To raise awareness of the plight of red squirrels

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