Clocaenog Red Squirrels Trust would love you to get involved in helping us locate areas where there are red squirrels in Clocaenog Forest. We have some cameras out but they don’t cover the whole forest. You can make a real difference by getting involved with our citizen science project.

If you’re out walking in Clocaenog forest, we’d like you to look out for these feeding signs:

Conifer cones stripped by squirrels

Squirrels feed on the cones of spruce trees and pines. They strip a cone of its scales to get at the seeds inside. They frequently sit on a tree stump or log to eat, leaving a pile of scales and the cores of cones.

Split hazelnuts

Squirrels split hazelnuts shells into two halves, whereas mice and voles nibble a round hole

Hazelnuts eaten by squirrels (top) and mice (below)

How to report a sighting

If you see either of these feeding signs, and they look recent (not dark coloured or rotted), we’d like you to report the location. Unfortunately it won’t tell us whether it’s a grey squirrel or a red one but we can then monitor the site to find out.

If you are lucky enough to see a red squirrel in the area, please report this.

Email us at

Give a description/photo of what you saw.

Give us the location using any of these methods:

  • GPS co-ordinates (lat/long)
  • A six figure grid reference from a map
  • What3Words app is even better. It works offline and gives you 3 words to identify your location to within 3m